How to update the wpDataTables plugin

Auto update procedurewpDataTables new version auto update procedure

wpDataTables purchase code

The plugin should notify you about new versions automatically, and update itself if you’ve entered your Purchase Code from CodeCanyon on the plugin’s settings page.

On the image at the left, you can see the Purchase Code input field from the plugin’s settings page. This is where you should add your Purchase Code to enable automatic updating.

Manual update procedurewpDataTables new version manual update procedure

IMPORTANT: Do NOT delete the old version from WP-admin (by clicking “Delete” in the plugins page). If you do, you will lose all your tables!

When downloading the new plugin version from CodeCanyon, please follow these steps to update from the existing version:

  1. Go to your FTP to open WordPress plugins folder /yourwordpressfolder/wp-content/plugins
  2. Delete existing wpdatatables folder.
  3. Upload previously downloaded wpdatatables folder through FTP to plugins folder (unzip it)
  4. Go to WP-admin panel, open Plugins section.
  5. Deactivate wpDataTables, and then activate it again.
  6. Clear server and browser cache

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