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Float columns

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wpDataTable Float columns

Float column type should be used when you need to render numeric values with a decimal part. Even non-float content type from the input will be casted as a number, and render with the amount of numbers after the comma that was defined in the wpDataTables settings page.

  • Rendering rules: value is casted as a number, and rendered with 2 numbers after the comma.
  • Sorting rules: arithmetical.
  • Applicable filter types: text (will also work), number, number range, selectbox, checkbox.
  • Issues to note: none.


“Yearly revenue” column in this table is a Float type column.

Dummy clients table

wdt_IDCompany nameSectorYearly revenueClient since
1 Black Turtle Architecture 10.000.000,00 29 May 2011
2 Clockwork Orange Business Consulting 3.000.000,00 01 May 2003
3 Theodore Consulting Technology 11.000.000,00 17 May 2004
4 White Wing Industries Business Consulting 1.250.000,00 18 May 2006
5 Twinkles Inc. IT 8.000.000,00 01 May 2006
6 The Large Company Construction 7.000.000,00 01 Jun 2015
7 Non-Standard Production Construction 3.900.000,00 05 Jun 2007
8 Jailbreak Machinery IT 27.500.000,00 01 Jun 2001
9 Infinite Scroll Maniacs IT 20.000.000,00 28 May 1996
10 Thebest Construction Agency Construction 90.000.000,00 01 May 1996
wdt_IDCompany nameSectorYearly revenueClient since

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