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Limitations of table editing

We’re constantly working on the plugin features to make it as powerful and flexible as possible, but nevertheless there are some limitations that you should have in mind

Table editing limitations

  • Only one MySQL table can be edited at a time. Queries from multiple tables with joins cannot be used for editable feature, since SQL UPDATE and INSERT statements are generated automatically, and for now there is no way to update multiple tables – but we are working on this.
  • Only MySQL tables or tables created with first 2 options of Table Constructor can be edited – I know this is kind of obvious, but after a number of requests I had to put this here as well.
  • Server-side processing MUST be turned on for front-end editing – but it will turn on automatically if you forget to enable it.
  • MySQL views cannot be edited properly – only one of the underlying tables can in case you pass the proper ID.

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