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Time column type is used for values that contain hours and minutes. Time columns will render the time values in the format that you specify on the plugin settings page. Two format types are available:

  1. 1:25 PM (12h)
  2. 13:25 (24h)
  • Rendering rules: value is casted as time, then formatted using the format defined in the plugin settings.
  • Sorting rules: time.
  • Applicable filter types: time range.


“Arrival” column in this table is of Time type.

Time documentation

1AV 42AVIANCA(MDE) Medellin06:13 AM4Landed  Delayed
2NH 7814ANA(MDE) Medellin06:13 AM4Landed  On-time
3AS 18Alaska Airlines(SEA) Seattle05:20 AM8Landed  On-time
4AA 7039American Airlines(SEA) Seattle05:20 AM8Landed  On-time
5DL 2619Delta Air Lines(LAS) Las Vegas05:45 AM4Landed  On-time
6KL 6649KLM(LAS) Las Vegas05:45 AM4Landed  On-time
7VS 4770Virgin Atlantic(LAS) Las Vegas05:45 AM4Landed  On-time
8JJ 8414LATAM Airlines Brasil(GIG) Rio De Janeiro05:39 AM8Landed  On-time
9CX 7713Cathay Pacific(GIG) Rio De Janeiro05:39 AM8Landed  On-time
10AA 974American Airlines(GIG) Rio De Janeiro05:36 AM8Landed  On-time

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