When customizing wpDataTables for your own usage, you might find that the default position of those elements is not quite to your liking. You have to modify some code in the core of the plugin.

Example to move info block above the table is to edit the plugin file. In file ../wp-content/plugins/wpdatatables/source/class.wpdatatable.php around line 3515 find:

$obj->dataTableParams->sDom = "BT<'clear'>{$showRowsPerPage}{$globalSearch}{$scrollable}{$infoBlock}{$pagination}";

and replace it with:

$obj->dataTableParams->sDom = "B{$infoBlock}T<'clear'>{$showRowsPerPage}{$globalSearch}{$scrollable}{$pagination}";

If you want info block at the top and bottom of the grid, replace it with:

$obj->dataTableParams->sDom = "B{$infoBlock}T<'clear'>{$showRowsPerPage}{$globalSearch}{$scrollable}{$infoBlock}{$pagination}";

each letter stands for the different block. Our plugin is based on Datatables jQuery plugin and more details about DOM positioning can be found on this link.

Note: If you make these changes, they will be overwritten with the next update, so you will need to make the changes again.

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