Which chart types are available?By Aleksandar Vukovic on 28/09/22 in

wpDataTables includes 4 major chart engines:

  1. Google Charts;
  2. HighCharts;
  3. Chart.js;
  4. ApexCharts.

Even though there are a lot of chart types in the aforementioned chart libraries, they need to be programmatically added by our developers, so not all chart types you see on chart engines’ websites are included in wpDataTables. You can always suggest one of the missing chart types be developed for wpDataTables by clicking on this link.

The list of available chart types for each engine can be seen in the tabs below. You can click on each image or each chart name to open a new page where you can see a live example of that chart type in our documentation.

Please note: We develop new features and modify existing ones based on the number of votes on the feature suggestion page, linked above.

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