In wpDataTables each column can have its own type: this is done because the sorting, or filtering rules are not the same for different data types. For example, sorting dates and sorting texts has completely different logic, this is why different column types are introduced. wpDataTables has a built-in autodetect engine, so the column types are detected when the data source is first read, in most of the cases it is done correctly, but you can re-define the column type manually using the “Column type” selectbox, which appears for each column in the table edit page:

Columns in tables in WordPress

Please note the key difference between Column type, Filter type and Editor input type selectboxes:

  • Column type: defines the rendering rules, and the sorting rules.
  • Filter type: defines the look and behavior of the advanced filter for the column.
  • Editor input type: defines the look and behavior of the element used in the editor popup (applicable only for editable MySQL tables).

This documentation section will lead you through each column type and different column features in detail.

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